How to Choose Toddler Bedding Sets

A good toddler bedding set will have at least two things going for it: adorability, and durability!

More importantly, there are two basic considerations when choosing a toddler bedding set. The first is the quality of the bedding itself. The second is how the toddler will respond to the bedding set. Let’s start with the most important: the little one’s response.

As so many parents know, bedtime can be a big deal for a little guy or girl. It can be a process to get a child to sleep for the night. So the first thing to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a toddler bedding set is the ultimate goal: getting the child to go to sleep.

Shopping for a toddler bedding set may seem a lot like buying an outfit or a new toy. In fact, a lot of the same themes, characters, and brands that you’ll find in the toy and clothing sections of a department store are also present in the children’s bedding aisles. But toys are typically designed to capture the child’s interest, and produce a sense of excitement. Is that really what you want at bed time?

Excitement and sleep simply aren’t very compatible. That’s a pretty basic statement, and yet store shelves and websites are stocked with kids bedding set that feature brightly colored images of things like race cars. That makes it easy for a parent to fall into the trap of buying something that they think the child will like, as opposed to something that will help them to fall asleep. Basically, they’re looking at things from a daytime perspective, not a bedtime one. Just because you know your toddler has taken a liking to something, doesn’t make it the right theme for bedtime.

In our opinion, it is wise to steer clear of bright colors and exciting images. We recommend simple patterns and subdued color schemes that send the message to the child that it is time to wind down and go to sleep. The bedding doesn’t have to be plain or boring, but it should have a calming effect, not an excitatory one.

Unless money is truly no object, there is a bit of a balancing act. The toddler bedding set should feel good to the child in order to encourage positive associations with going to bed, but it also doesn’t make sense for most people to spend top dollar on a children’s item that will be outgrown relatively quickly.

The other factors to consider are primarily related to the quality of the bedding. A toddler doesn’t necessarily need a designer bedding set, but children are sensitive to feel. So the materials used in the bedding are a consideration. There is the question of the touch appeal, which is easy to assess in person, but not online. And for many parents, there is also an interest in how the label reads: what exactly is it made from. Fortunately for those concerned, a growing number of manufacturers and brands are conscious of the materials and production processes that they use, so for parents who are considerate of those details, the market continues to improve.