Luxury Bedding Collections: The Feel of a 4-Star Hotel at Home

Getting into bed at the end of the day should be something to look forward to: a luxurious experience. Sure, luxury bedding collections cost more than cheap bedding sets, but a well-made designer bedding collection will have good longevity over time. And if you think about the number of days that you will be getting in and out of bed, and the amount of time that you’ll be spending in bed, selecting something that you really like, such as a higher-end hotel bedding collection, may very well be a decision that you are happy with for years to come.

One element that sets designer bedding collections apart is the materials used in their construction. It’s about more than just thread count. Frankly, thread count has gotten to be like so many other metrics that competitors use to market their products. Some producers of cheaper bedding sets are boasting of high thread counts in order to make their products seem more like luxury bedding collections. But the simple thread count does not tell the whole story. What is the thread made from? Designer comforter sets often feature high-quality materials, so they may be able to achieve a more desirable feel without resorting to jacking up the thread count for the sake of claiming a high number.

The materials used in the manufacturing of bedding sets vary quite a bit. They can even vary within the same brand. Keep in mind that even with designer bedding collections, the various product lines from one designer may be made in multiple factories, and the materials used may differ. So even with a designer bedding collection, it’s a good idea to look at the label to see what the product is made from. But as a general rule, designer bedding collections will be more cognizant of the quality of their products than a generic equivalent — after all, a designer brand has a reputation to maintain.

For many, recreating the look and feel of the bedding in a high-end boutique hotel is the ultimate luxury. Hoteliers are very wise and thoughtful about what will appeal to a wide range of guests. After all, their success depends on it. And one of the most important functions of a luxury hotel is providing a place for rest and relaxation for guests. It is no wonder that top hotels pay careful attention to providing luxury bedding collections for their guests. The initial investment quickly pays off when the room commands a premium price per night.

But you don’t have to go to a $400-a-night hotel to bed down in luxury, thanks to hotel bedding collections. You can make an investment in your home that is modest compared to spending a vacation staying in top-tier accommodations. And by purchasing your own hotel bedding collection, you can enjoy the feeling of luxury night after night!

Now, bear in mind that some manufacturers use the “hotel” description as a way to make less-than-luxurious bedding sets sound fancier than they really are. You should expect to spend some money if you want true hotel-quality luxury. But once you do, bedding down at night will truly be an experience to look forward to.