Modern Kids Bedding Sets

Selecting kids bedding sets can be trickier than it may seem at first. Why? Because what the child may be drawn to, and what appeals to your own aesthetic, may very well be at odds. Perhaps you don’t want to buy a comforter featuring a giant Mickey Mouse head for your home. So how can you balance your personal taste, with what your child wants? We have some ideas that we hope will help you when selecting kids bedding sets.

Let’s start by taking an honest look at what you, as the who will be making the purchase, are really after. To start with, there are two basic approaches when it comes to choosing kids bedding sets.

1. Allow the child to choose whatever he or she desires, assuming that it fits your budget. The upside here is that the child is likely to be happy and excited about the new bedding set. The downside: a lot of kids bedding for girls and boys is really garish, tacky stuff. So if you turn the decision over to a child, be prepared for the results. For example, your child may be infatuated with a cartoon character that you find really annoying or unattractive. But, you can take the approach that your child’s desires come first. It’s noble and selfless, and while you may not like the look, you can close that door to the bedroom and forget about it until bedtime.

2. Select the kids bedding set on your own, without any input from the child at all. Obviously, the likelihood of success for this approach depends on the personality of the young one. Some kids will be happy with the new bedding set you choose, and others will have you driving back to the store with your receipt in hand. The advantage is clear: you get a children’s bedding set that is consistent with your sense of style and the overall look of your home.

We’d like to suggest a third approach, one that seeks balance. The idea is to establish a limited number of items that are acceptable to you, and then let the child make the final decision. That way, you are largely in control of the outcome and how the space will look, but the child will feel invested in the process, and a sense of ownership of the new bedding set.

Now, if you’re going to use this approach, the tricky part is establishing what the child is allowed to choose from. If you simply say something like, “we’re going to choose one together,” and then take the child into a store, or cue up a website, there is a definite risk that the child will latch on to something undesirable, and then stubbornly refuse to move on to other options.

If you’re shopping online at a site like Name Your Link“>, there are a couple of approaches to consider. The first is to use the sorting options to limit the selection to brands that you like, or to other variables that you’re able to sort by. You can start with a search term, like Name Your Link“>”modern kids bedding,” and narrow it down from there. If you click the linked text, you’ll see that we’ve already done this search for you, with the results narrowed down to items with customer reviews of “4 Stars and Up.” When you’re happy with the search results, you can ask the child to make a decision.

But what if you aren’t able to use Amazon’s tools to sort the Name Your Link“>”modern kids bedding” search into results that you are happy with? Well, another option is to download the product images that you like from Amazon, or another retailer, onto your computer. That way, you can really control the selection the child has to choose from. If you are comfortable working with images, you can even put them into a slideshow.

You can also use a variation of this strategy at retail stores. The most straightforward approach is to select a retailer that is likely to carry products that match a style you can both live with. It may be a good idea to check out some products online before you go into the store. There is still some risk in this approach, but hopefully you and the child will see eye to eye. If things go well, you may have the chance to select out a few items for the child to choose from, while the child is distracted by something else in the store.

An alternative, if you are willing to go for it, is to plan to make two trips to the retailer. On the first trip, you purchase several items for the child to choose from. After the child makes a decision, you simply return the other items to the store.

Selecting a kids bedding set that you are both happy with can be a little challenging, but the good news is that many modern kids bedding sets are both fun and fashionable. Whether you are looking for kids bedding for girls or boys, you don’t have to settle for something that is tacky or boring.