Room Decorating with Duvet Covers

Duvet covers are type of bags that are filled with feather, fur or other natural stuffing and contain your duvet inside. It is a type of blanket or quilt which can also be compared with large pillowcase as well. The end part is closed by zip, snap, button or Velcro allowing the quilt to stay inside. Besides the comfort that it provides you under it, it also improves the interior decor of your bedroom. Another use of this cover is to protect your delicate and expensive blankets from periodic washing or dry cleaning.

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Protect your Designer Comforters with Duvet Covers

Many people do fancy on buying designer comforter sets to enhance the decor of the bedroom. But the problem comes with cleaning and washing. You cannot help it catching dust. These covers can be very useful as they protect your blankets from dust and it is very easy to take out from the duvet and wash it. The expensive luxury covers are needed dry-cleaned. Otherwise the normal covers can be cleaned and laundered at home with care.

Size of a Duvet Cover

A duvet cover is available in various sizes. For a single bed to the bigger than the double beds, you can easily get the multiple sized duvet covers. To buy a duvet cover, you can always approach a street shop; however, the best option is to go online. You can choose the designs from a very wide range of array, and order it online without stepping out from your home. You can choose the size according to your blanket. If your blanket is a big king-sized one, you can rely on the duvet covers king. Always remember to buy the covers two-inch larger in both dimensions compared to your blanket.

Fabric Used in a Duvet Cover

Duvet covers are made in such way that it weighs light yet able to give you comfort at a high level. There are various fabrics that are commonly used in duvet covers, some of them are cotton, blends, faux suede, silk and velvets as well. Because of the weight, the velvet covers are not used extensively but they are very stylish and evenly used.

Putting on a Duvet Cover

This takes a little time but can be done at ease if done properly. You can put a duvet cover on at home to any size blanket be it a king size or the duvet covers queen. The steps for putting on a duvet cover are:

  • Lay out the cover wide open.
  • Shrink it towards your body keeping the open side at your end.
  • Put the end two corners of your blanket at two corners of the cover farther from your body.
  • Lay down the blanket wide.
  • Now stretch out the shrunk cover towards the other end of your blanket.
  • Now zip or close the cover so that the insert doesn’t get out.


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Often the actual blanket slides down from the cover, and causes problem to hold the blanket; even if they are twin duvet covers. To prevent this, you can stitch the corners of your blanket with the covers.